Actions Always Win

Actions Always Win

Actions Always Win

Success goes to who like to practice, to the people who just keep going, keep failling, keep studying  – it all ads up.

To much thinking and not enough doing.

To much worry and not enough action.

Actions always win.

Bon courage!

Business ethics — or organizational ethics in the context of organizational behavior and development — is one of the forms of ethics applied to a practical field that examines:

the rules and principles of ethics in the context of economic and commercial affairs;

the various moral or ethical questions that arise in the context of human economic activity;

and any duty or obligation of a person engaging in trade and commerce.

Indeed, business ethics is based on normative ethics, according to which specific ethical standards are defended and then applied to distinguish what is right or wrong, that is, what should be done or what should not be done. should not be done.

However, with a few exceptions, business ethicists are generally not very interested in the foundations of ethics (meta-ethics) or in the justification of fundamental ethical principles: they are more concerned with practical questions, and any obligation that can be concretely applied to the economic activity and relationship.

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