5 Ways Retailers Can Step Up their Mobile Game to Capture More Holiday Sales

5 Ways Retailers Can Step Up their Mobile Game to Capture More Holiday Sales

5 Ways Retailers Can Step Up their Mobile Game to Capture More Holiday Sales

Did you know your mobile app customers are also often your most valuable? Alibaba demonstrated this when they revealed they make more money from their mobile customers (all 427 million of them!) than from their non-mobile customers. eBay did the same when they announced that $9.5 billion of their sales in Q2 of 2016 (or 45% of their GMV) came from mobile. Even more impressive, 57% of all of eBay’s Q2 sales were touched by mobile at some point.

Mobile customers have a big impact on retail, and Alibaba and eBay are just two examples. With so much opportunity to generate more revenue through mobile, particularly during the upcoming holiday shopping season, the importance of understanding customers’ mobile behavior is clear.

To understand how retailers can prepare for the holiday shopping season, Apptentive conducted a consumer survey to find out how consumers plan to use mobile apps to fulfill or aid their shopping needs (results were gathered online from 252 consumers ages 18-65 in the US who use iPhone and Androids daily). You can read the full results here, but in today’s post, we’ll cover the highlights around what we learned, along with sharing actionable advice that you can implement directly into your mobile strategy to set yourself up for success during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Here’s what we found:

Consumers Use Retail Mobile Apps to Buy—Not Just Browse

Our survey revealed that 88% of consumers use retail mobile apps, and 55% use them while shopping in-store. While consumers still use apps to enhance their in-store experience, that’s not all they’re using them for. People are actually using retail apps to shop.

Our survey also found 65% of people that use retail mobile apps plan on using them for at least some of their holiday shopping, and 10% of consumers plan on using retail apps for almost all of their holiday shopping. This includes consumers who plan on making purchases in the app, and using apps to aid their in-store shopping needs. Retail sales on smartphones grew by 54% between 2014 and 2015. 54% of respondents that use retail mobile apps have made a purchase in a retail app in the last month.

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